Alexander's Story - How House of Light Changed His Life

ChildAid helped them smile.
Date published: 23 Feb 2016 | Media Releases

Alexander's story mirrors so many other young people in Ukraine. He was born into a family of two alcoholic parents, neither of which we employed. Any small bits of income were spent on alcohol. Alexander's and his two brothers and one sister grew up suffering at the hands of their parents. 

Each parent slipped in and out of the childrens' lives, with a step-father eventually appearing. The step-father was violent, physically abusing the children on a daily basis leaving Alexander with a facial scar from an iron. He had tried to protect his mother and suffered the consequences, leaving a further scar on his forehead from being struck with a belt. His body was so badly beaten that on arrival to hospital the nurses contact social services and luckily he was taken into care.
Since 2013 Alexander studied at a vocational school in Dneprodzerzhinsk. His speciality is as a painter-decorator. He wanted to become a soldier or an athlete.
When his life was in a crisis a friend invited to come to the House of Light funded by ChildAid'ssupporters. Alexander’s life has dramatically changed since then. He began to engage in sports such as weight-lifting. He became a part of the Cossacks group, even the squad leader. He is being praised for his behaviour as the best student in the dormitory. He also got involved in the football team and athletics. 
Alexander's life has changed for the better thanks to House of Light. ChildAid's local volunteers who run the centre provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for young people like Alexander to develop and grow. This life changing centre would not be possible without the donations from our supporters for which we are eternally grateful.