Giving Orphans a Home

orphans in Ukraine
Date published: 14 Mar 2016 | Media Releases

Project aim
To provide orphans in eastern Ukraine a temporary home and deliver living skills before they can become independent
About the project
ChildAid has operated in eastern Europe since 1973. We work with local, trusted partners to transform the lives of abandoned babies, children living with disability, orphans and those leaving institutional care or children at risk in vulnerable families.
Dneprodzerzhynsk is in eastern Ukraine with a population of about 250,000. As with much of Ukraine today it has huge social and community needs. The economic, social and political situation in the country is critical and the focus has shifted away from supporting people such as orphans and the disabled, to the urgent needs of the wider population. Orphans are being forgotten and are living their own deeper crisis within the national crisis.
Orphans in Ukraine are regarded with mis-trust and are largely second-class citizens. Upon "graduating" over 50% enter either organised crime or prostitution, 10% commit suicide within a year. ChildAid has a track record of getting alongside orphans, supporting them whilst under state care, and creating opportunities for them to lead a full and rewarding life with employment and/or stable families.
Orphans find it hard to find work unless they have a known home address. They find it hard to get accomodation unless they have a job. The current crisis in Ukraine has displaced 100 of 1,000s who are more attractive to employers than orphans, so it's even harder to find work. The huge numbers of refugees also means rental prices have soared.
There is an urgent need to buy an apartment which we can offer to a small number of orphans at any time, until they can secure a job and get their own accomodation. In the meantime we will also continue our effective programme of providing independent living skills.