Love Without Borders

Widespread devastation in happening across eastern ukraine.

Since fighting in Eastern Ukraine began in 2014

•Over 9,000 have been killed
•Over 1.5 million people have either lost or fled their homes
•Electricity, water and food shortages are prevalent
•1 out of 5 schools have been destroyed are not usable across the region
•polio has returned after 19 years being clear

This is an humanitarian crisis. Violations of the ceasefire take place by both sides. A media "cold war" issues contradictory and inflammatory "news"

ChildAid launched an emergency appeal (EUREKA - Eastern Ukraine Relief & Emergency Kids Aid) to help the children and families of this region and has provided for emergency and restorative aid, such as

- 150 children have, on a regular basis for a year, received life-saving insulin and medical supplies until a local supply was established

- 100 families regularly receiving emergency food packages

This emergency appeal has now become a long-term partner based on peace and reconciliation. Our partner, Love Without Borders, is a Kiev-based church with volunteers working to rebuild lives, families and communities.

Future Plans

The current urgency is to operate a “seeds & chicks programme”.

Last spring and summer huge areas of agricultural land, gardens and allotments were abandoned due to fighting. Although continuing, the fighting is not as fierce as September, but most people could not return to their homes during the winter due to the cold and damaged housing. Consequently, there are no seed stocks for this year's crop.

Love Without Borders have recently supplied 4,000 vulnerable families with seeds and chicks, as well as carry out house repaiChicks for east Ukrainers following shelling and extensive looting.

There is a great need for the provision of psychological care. Children cry all night long. Many people are taking sleeping and anti-psychotic drugs - there is already concern over addiction.

A large number of churches have disappeared. Many church leaders who were forced to leave in the early days of the conflict cannot return as they are on an “embargoed” list at the so-called border.

In response, Love Without Borders have built a spiritual base to fully transform lives, and at the border near Luhansk they have set up a temporary tent where:
•Food and 2,000 Bibles have been handed to refugees and local people
•1,000 children and 4,000 adults have received Christian literature to encourage and support them

As refugees begin to return to their homes they are confronted with destruction and squalor. Trying to rebuild their houses, their families, their lives … with nothing but their hands, their drive, their faith.

But, the volunteers from Love Without Borders are responding and rebuilding lives, families and communities. Re-equipping, even rebuilding homes. The needs are endless, but so are the prayers and the desire to make a difference.

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