What sponsorship means to ChildAid's supporters

We asked some of our supporters to comment on why they started be be involved in the ChildAid sponsorship programme and what impact it has had on the lives of those they sponsor and their own lives.

Here are some of those comments.

"I've been privileged to support the sponsorship scheme for many years. Hearing about the plight of some of the 'forgotten' children in places like Moldova, Siberia and Ukraine made me want to do something. I knew I couldn't personally go out there - and that wasn't what was needed - but I could give a little money every month and ask ChildAid to use it where needed.  It's such a small donation I'm amazed it makes any difference at all but apparently it does. When I get the updates from ChildAid it is so encouraging and I feel blessed to be involved"

"A visit to our church inspired our Homegroup to sponsor two, and later three children.  The regular Newsletter and e-mail prayer requests are excellent in keeping us up to date on the needs and challenges faced by those committed to providing life changing support to the children and families in the different Projects."

"I started and continue to Sponsor a Child because I realised what a difference just 52p a day could make.  52p to me is nothing but for the child I support it is everything.

Besides the warm feeling I get inside when I do something nice for another person, supporting ChildAid allows me to make a difference in the world. Too often people complain about the "bad" news instead of trying to do something to help"

"I first started to support ChildAid 3 years ago, after I’d read an article about it and heard Martin speak about their work. I was also convicted from something that Derek Prince had written about the need to support orphans, quoting James 1:27 – “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”. So I joined the child sponsorship scheme, and have really enjoyed it – having the photo of “my” little boy and getting details of how he’s doing, so that I really know who I am supporting and praying for. I can’t change the world, but if I can help to change the life of one child it’s a start."

"We wanted to sponsor a child or children who were disadvantaged. We were concerned about rumours that money given to some charities was being used for weapons or diverted to other funds which were not bona fide. So we were pleased when we found a card at church from ChildAid and we felt we could trust this smaller Christian charity. Also, the thought of supporting those in countries outside the usual areas of aid, which are often overlooked was appealing.
We have enjoyed communications with our sponsored child and observing how this lovely young boy is benefiting from help received from us and others. There have been others too where the outcome has not been so satisfactory but we have always felt that we are kept informed.
We have been pleased to have been able to use our Winter Fuel Allowance to help families who really know true poverty and would have possibly perished without help.
ChildAid continues to be the charity we feel we can work with and support in various ways."

"As a child and young adult I was fascinated by Russian History. In 1968 I was lucky enough to be 'given' a Russian penfriend & in 1987 Ludmila & I met.  I now have other Russian friends because of that. It is so tragic that after Perestroika there is such poverty & lack of care for the vulnerable. ChildAid has been a way for me to do something to help.

I am very impressed with the range of projects & children & their families  that ChildAid tries to help & the openness of the UK staff to any question or concern that I might have, has really given me confidence in ChildAid.  It  is a Charity worth helping in any way that I can.

It is difficult to express my feelings about my little help. It is a joy to be able to help a family in a small way & hopefully, with the occasional extra donation, other projects. I am angry that Russia now has such a wide Rich/Poor divide & that so many poor vulnerable people are ignored by society & that there is now no apparent safety net for these people.  Communism was not good but at least people were paid pensions, children did not go hungry & housing was available for all.

Since I became involved with 'our' little girl my husband has become interested & our Grandchildren are now asking questions-- my daughter & her family sponsor a little girl through their church & we talk about her & my own sponsored child."

"I started supporting what was then ARRC - Aid to Russia and the Republics - at the end of my Russian degree. Learning Russian was a direct result of what I believe God had told me to do. On my last day at Uni I noticed the advert for ARRC and so began my support - although I believe that there is a more specific reason which has yet to be fulfilled.

Over the years the main thing that I have noticed is the move towards greater professionalism and focus towards more defined projects which are more tangible and therefore easier to enlist financial support - especially after the fall of Communism.

I have the sense that I am gradually moving towards the fulfilment of what God has called me to - specifically children in Russia and telling them about Jesus. Child sponsorship is a useful tool to promote the charity but also to make contacts within the community who as yet do not know Jesus - so there is a dual purpose in money raising events but as too family influence - only to confirm my original calling."

"I prefer  sponsoring projects or funds to one particular child. I have given ongoing sponsorship  to some projects especially  New Beginnigs  community living house as I appreciate the importance  of every youngster having a good start in life especially  those who have handicaps and deprived home backgrounds.
This worthwhile project seems to provide them with that  security. I'm overjoyed to see that after many  delays the house is now up and running on a sound  footing."